Towards the End of PPKM Extension, Experts Remind Risks If Activities Going Loose

The End of PPKM Extension

PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions) 3rd and 4th level will end today, Sunday (July 25, 2021), and will be relaxed gradually if Covid-19 cases got a decrease. Seeing this condition, the experts warn of the risk if all activities going loose.

One risk is the possibility of an increase in mortality. Given the last few days, the death toll is consistently above a thousand cases.

Professor Tjandra Yoga Aditama, former director of WHO in Southeast Asia, suggested anticipating this.

“In this case, of course, it is necessary to anticipate the possibility of another increase in deaths if the PPKM getting loose. We know that if death has sadly occurred, this couldn’t reverse,” said Professor Tjandra.

Professor Tjandra also said the risk of transmission is still high. According to him, the positivity rate in the last few days is still around 25 percent or even 40 percent if only taking into account the PCR test.

“We are also dealing with the Delta variant whose reproduction number (Ro or maybe Rt) can reach 5.0 – 8.0. It means that the potential for transmission is still very high, so social restrictions are still necessary to protect our community from transmission and infection,” he explained.