Alerts! The Kraken Variant Virus May Have Entered Indonesia

Omicron subvariants virus

The Covid-19 subvariant, XBB 1.5 or known as the Kraken variant, is known to have spread in several countries. This subvariant is even predicted to have entered Indonesia. How dangerous is this variant? Check out the following explanation.

Researchers say the Kraken variant can evade antibodies, which come from previous infections or vaccinations.

Epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding explained that the XBB 1.5 variant is said to spread more quickly. “[XBB 1.5] is more antibody resistant and better at infecting than BQ and XBB.”

Professor at the University of Manchester Sheena Cruickshank explains all viruses mutate rapidly in the human body. Over time, the mutations favor the virus to become dominant.

“[The mutation] that XBB.1.5 or Kraken has is the ability to avoid antibodies,” he said.

He also explained that XBB 1.5 was a recombination subvariant or a merger of two Covid-19 variants. According to him, this variant is a derivative of XBB and XBB 1.

“Two different Omicron BA.2 strains combine to create this. Actually [XBB.1.5] is a descendant of XBB and XBB.1. So, grandson of XBB, which is basically two versions of BA.2,” he explained as quoted from Euronews.

Furthermore, Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman from Griffith University in Australia explained that this subvariant might not trigger severe symptoms. However, those who are infected have a risk of experiencing long Covid-19.

In addition, according to him, XBB 1.5 can cause organ damage. This will have a medium to long-term impact.

He also said that the XBB 1.5 variant might have entered Indonesia. Dicky said that there might already be an area with international flight routes.

This is considering that people’s mobility has increased or is almost like before the pandemic.

“Most likely it has been detected [in Indonesia], especially provinces or cities that have international flight routes,” said Dicky.

“That is not unusual in the context of connectivity after the disclosure of many violations in various countries in the middle of 2022.”

As is known, the Indonesian government has loosened regulations regarding restrictions on community activities or PPKM. the decision was based on the downward trend of Covid-19 cases.

However, the government continues to urge the public to always comply with health protocols because the WHO has not revoked the “pandemic” status. A spike in cases can also occur at any time.