Twitter Launches Fleets Feature


Twitter continues to provide new feature updates for its users, such as the Fleets feature which is here to give users room to discuss issues.

Twitter is innovating to bring a feature similar to Instagram Stories which is named Fleets.

Fleets exist as a place to share thoughts for a moment to start a conversation and will only last for 24 hours.

The trial results in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea showed that Fleets makes users on Twitter feel more comfortable participating in a conversation. We’re seeing people using Fleets communicate more on Twitter. Because the content only lasts one day, Fleets have helped many people feel more comfortable sharing their relaxed and personal thoughts, opinions and feelings.

Users can upload Fleets in text form, as a reaction to a Tweet, photo or video, then edit it with various background and text options.

To share a Tweet with the Fleets:

  • tap the “share” icon at the bottom of the Tweet
  • tap “Share on Fleet”
  • add your opinion about the Tweet with text or emojis.

In the future, stickers and live broadcasts will be available on Fleets.

Users can view their uploaded Fleets at the top of their timeline. Anyone who can view your profile can also view your Fleets content. If a user’s Direct Message is set to receive messages from everyone (including those they don’t follow), then anyone can reply to the user’s Fleets content.

To reply to a Fleet:

  • tap the Fleet,
  • send messages via Direct Message or emojis,
  • continue the conversation in Direct Message.

Based on the analysis, some people feel more comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter in this short format because what they share is only available temporarily, not forever.

This Fleets feature will be coming soon to all Twitter users on iOS and Android.