Java-Bali Enters PPKM Level 1, WFO Can Be 100 Percent

work from office or WFO

The government officially continues the implementation of restrictions on community activities throughout Indonesia starting today, Tuesday (7/6). This time, Java-Bali entered PPKM level 1. It means that work from office or WFO can be done 100%.

The decision is contained in the latest Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) number 26 of 2022 concerning the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 Covid-19 in the Java and Bali Regions. then, what are the rules in the PPKM level 1 area

It is known that the Java and Bali regions are included in PPKM level 1, where this provision will be valid for the next month.

In further detailing the instructions issued by the Minister of Trade, now people in Java-Bali have been allowed to practice working from the office (WFO) with a maximum capacity of 100 percent.

However, the implementation of 100 percent WFO capacity is intended for workers who have received vaccinations.

In addition, workers are also advised to wear the PeduliLindung application at the entrance and exit of the workplace.

“It is mandatory to use the PeduliLindung application to screen all employees and visitors and only the Green category in the PeduliLindung application may enter unless they cannot be vaccinated for health reasons,” as quoted from the Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday (7/6/2022).

Not only applies to essential and non-essential sectors, but the application of a maximum capacity of 100 percent can also be applied to various other implementing sectors, such as implementing activities for eating and drinking places, shopping centers, people’s markets to the education sector.

Furthermore, during the implementation of PPKM level 1, people are allowed to take off their masks when in open areas in conditions that are not crowded with people.

The regulation refers to the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) No. 29 of 2022 concerning PPKM in the Java and Bali Regions.

“The correct and consistent use of masks is the minimum health protocol that must be applied by everyone. However, if people are active outdoors or in open areas that are not crowded with people, provisions can be applied not to use masks,” the Ministry of Home Affairs quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, people who experience symptoms of coughs and colds must still wear masks when doing activities in open areas. As for people who are categorized as vulnerable or elderly, or have comorbid diseases, it is advisable to continue to use masks even though they are in open areas.