Things You Need to Prepare Before Going to Cinema: Covid-19 Edition

cinema ilusstration

The government finally allowed cinemas to reopen. Cinemas located in the Level 2 and 3 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) categories can operate again.

Things you need to prepare:

To minimize the spread of the coronavirus in cinemas, an epidemiologist from Griffith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, said the first thing to do before going to the cinema is to check your own health condition.

Second, if you feel fit, choose a cinema that is closest to your home. These restrictions will help ease the screening process if needed.

Third, stay disciplined to apply health protocols, starting from wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance. Avoid eating, drinking, or taking the mask off while in the cinema.

Lastly, try not to touch objects in the cinema area as possible. Also, try to avoid sitting in the cinema lobby, which tends to be crowded.

Cinema health protocols

For your information, here are health protocols that must be applied by CGV:

  1. Staff and cinema-goers are required to wear masks in all cinema areas.
  2. Checking the audience’s body temperature before entering the cinema area.
  3. Conducting visitor tracking system (tracking) with QR Code and manual.
  4. Reducing the seating capacity in the auditorium (maximum 25 percent) in order to maintain a safe distance between audiences.
  5. Consuming food and beverage products from CGB is allowed at CGV locations that have a restaurant (dine in), but are not allowed to be brought to the auditorium.
  6. Implementing hygiene procedures with disinfectant liquid throughout the cinema area and after the screening of the film.
  7. Provide hand sanitizer.
  8. Encouraging viewers to order tickets to watching movies and food and drink online with digital payments.
  9. Implement a visitor age restriction policy, only those aged 12 to 60 years.
  10. Placement of communication materials to visitors throughout the CGV area and online to increase knowledge about health protocols in cinemas.

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