MTEL Ensures Continually Committed to Developing Indonesia’s Digital Business


PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL) will continue to prioritize the status of a Digital Infrastructure Company to help digital businesses in Indonesia become stronger. They also seek to maintain the company’s performance by transforming.

This, said by Pilarmas Investindo Sekuritas analyst, Maximilianus Nico Demus, becomes important when Indonesia is trying to develop a digital business.

“Moreover, if we pay attention, MTEL will be more attractive because there is the potential that they will become part of the Digital Infrastructure Company,” he said quoted from CNBC Indonesia, Monday (18/04/2022).

MTEL itself, he added, had been assigned to help equalize digital access throughout the archipelago. This is one of the important things so that access to digital will encourage the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia.

“What we see is that this can have a positive effect on various other things, such as MSMEs that will be more accessible and encourage the improvement of Human Resources. During the development of digital business, a strong infrastructure will clearly support the growth and development of digital business in Indonesia. The transformation from analog to digital, becomes an opportunity for MTEL to participate in the process,” said Maximilianus.

It is known, that in 2021, MTEL posted revenue growth of 11% and was followed by EBITDA growth of 24%. The most significant growth was in the Company’s net profit of 129.4% from the previous Rp 602 billion to Rp 1.381 trillion.

Meanwhile, in 2022, MTEL targets profit growth in the range of 20% and revenue of 10-15% 2022.

MTEL Chief Investment Officer Hendra Purnama once said that Mitratel is targeting to become a Leading Digital Infrastructure Company (Digital Infraco) by 2023 by strengthening its 5G network service infrastructure.

Hendra emphasized that MTEL is preparing itself as a tower operator ready to serve 5G.

One of the efforts made is to increase the fiberization of the tower by collaborating with Telkom. According to him, optical fiber is one of the requirements to facilitate 5G networks. Hendra said that later the fiberization could contribute to the company’s revenue.

“We will organically build our own fiber-optic network, which we will start in 2022. Other products that we can develop such as Edge Computing and IoT, we are currently preparing and we are looking at what the needs are in the community,” said Hendra.

Until now, Mitratel has more than 28,000 towers, and as many as 57% are outside Java and have covered 85% of the 4G area in Indonesia. Currently, MTEL’s tenancy ratio is 1.5x and is targeted to increase to 1.6x in line with the planned acquisition of a new tower.

In addition, Mitratel itself has received instructions from one cellular network operator (MNO), PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), to work on 1,200 telecommunication towers (towers) outside the disadvantaged, leading, and outermost (3T) or non-3T areas with a value of the project is estimated at Rp 1.2 trillion.

The construction project of 1,200 towers is considered the largest received by the company this year. Therefore, Mitratel will focus on building towers in non-3T considering its high value.

The contract will run once the company completes the construction of its towers, some of which have already begun. Building a tower in a remote area, said Hendra, is not easy, so it is a bit challenging.