The Service Provider Industry Will Increase in 2022, Will It Be a Big Business Opportunity?


In 2021, there was recorded growth in the service provider industry as well as an increase in the recovery of Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM). This data was taken from a survey conducted by Sejasa throughout 2021.

By referring to the data on this increase, the level of optimism among service providers and UKM in the service industry is getting bigger towards the prospects of the industry in this field in 2022.

This optimism is felt by service providers even though the pandemic has a direct effect on their economy. This was revealed from a survey regarding the growth of the SME sector service provider business during 2021 in electronic services, cleaning, home repairs, to beauty, which was conducted on industry players.

Furthermore, Sejasa found data that 26 percent of service providers face quite fierce competition, another 23.5 percent experienced an increase in business costs, and 21.3 percent stated that there was a fluctuation in customer demand which was strongly influenced by the current situation.

The survey also revealed that 70% of service providers affiliated with Sejasa could maintain or increase their income during 2021.

Anthony Eka Wijaya, the co-founder of Sejasa, explained, “The changing trend of service providers in 2021 will greatly affect the SME sector service industry. However, through a survey we conducted, we found that 73.6 percent of Sejasa partners succeeded in increasing their income and profits in 2021. this, certainly shows that 2021 has been a year of recovery for our partners.’

Furthermore, among service providers who succeeded in increasing their income, there was 44.9 percent of industry players experienced an increase in income of more than 50 percent.

However, another 22.2 percent of respondents experienced a decline at the end of 2021 and 73.4 percent of all respondents stated that they experienced an increase in business costs.

There are 67.6 percent of businesspeople remain optimistic about recovery before the end of 2022 although the current situation is quite challenging,

Anthony added, “We expect an increase in volume for the service provider industry in 2022, as business players are optimistic about a recovery by the end of 2022. We also continue to support the service provider industry and are trying to get more professional service providers to meet demand.”