Sanur Bali Experiences Increased Traffic Congestion Due to Icon Bali Mall Presence

Sanur Bali Experiences Increased Traffic Congestion Due to Icon Bali Mall
Sanur Bali Experiences Increased Traffic Congestion Due to Icon Bali Mall Presence ( MIFTAHUDDIN HALIM/RADAR BALI)

The bustling streets of Bali have become even more congested with the opening of the new Icon Bali Mall in Sanur, adding to the island’s already heavy traffic. This influx of visitors to the shopping center has created a significant traffic issue in the area.

Urban and Regional Planning expert from Warmadewa University, Putu Rumawan Salain, has raised concerns about the academic studies that approved the construction of Icon Bali Mall on Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur, Denpasar. He believes that the mall was always going to cause traffic problems.

“The academic review allowing the mall to be built there raises significant questions, especially considering its location in a tourist area,” said Rumawan to detikBali on Sunday (9/6/2024).

Rumawan compared the mall’s impact to that of a hotel, suggesting that traffic congestion would be less severe if a hotel or apartment complex had been constructed instead. He pointed out that the number of people entering and exiting such buildings would be naturally limited by the number of rooms available.

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“A hotel or apartment wouldn’t draw the same large crowds as a mall. The traffic flow would be much more manageable,” he explained.

Rumawan highlighted the discrepancy between urban planning and the actual number of people using the building, questioning the decision to approve the mall’s construction in that specific area.

He also criticized the traffic management measures implemented around the mall, noting that they were introduced too late to be effective. He argued that Bali’s Transportation Department should have addressed traffic flow issues during the initial planning stages of the mall.

“Why wasn’t this considered earlier in the planning phase? The current traffic flow changes, from two-way to one-way, are impractical,” Rumawan stated.

According to Rumawan, the mall has exacerbated traffic congestion in Sanur, which already faces challenges from hotels, apartments, ports, and hospitals.

“Investment is important, but we need to assess whether a mall is suitable for this location. The authorities must ensure that the building’s function aligns with the area’s capacity,” he added.

The Icon Bali Mall has become a major attraction, drawing large crowds since its opening on Saturday (8/6), which led to severe traffic jams in Sanur, Denpasar. This development underscores the need for careful urban planning and consideration of traffic management in future projects.