Airplane Ticket Prices Explode Up Due to Fuel Prices Increase

Airplane Passengers
airplane passengers

The airplane ticket prices are still quite expensive. The tickets increase was due to an aircraft fuel prices increase. by current estimation, the price of round-trip air tickets reaches Rp. 1.6 – 3 million for round-trip flights (to Bali).

Apart from the increase in fuel prices, the high ticket price is also influenced by the Ministry of Transportation. They issued a regulation on the imposition of additional tariffs from Ministerial Decree 68 of 2022 regarding additional fees (Fuel Surcharge) for economy class passenger fares.

In the regulation, airlines are allowed to charge an additional 10% for tickets for jet aircraft types from the upper limit fare, and 20% for propeller or propeller aircraft types. Even though it is only for a period of 3 months and is not mandatory.

Then, how much is the price of a plane ticket to Bali?
From the monitoring of the Traveloka ticket sales application, the price of Jakarta-Bali flight tickets, Tuesday (31/5/2022) reached Rp. 775 thousand – Rp. 1.87 million for direct economy class flights with various airlines.

Meanwhile, the airplane ticket price in April was around Rp. 600-700 thousand.

Furthermore, for Bali-Jakarta ticket prices on (2/6/2022), it ranges from Rp. 918 thousand – Rp. 1.8 million for economy class with various flights.

This means that if it is calculated roughly, the return-go (PP) ticket price for the Jakarta-Bali route reaches Rp. 1.69 – 3.6 million for round-trip flights.

Airplane Ticket Prices to Overseas

The price of flight tickets abroad has also skyrocketed. One of the routes that rose significantly was Jakarta – Singapore. The ticket prices for this route experienced a fairly high price spike.

At least according to calculations for a round trip from Jakarta to Singapore, it can now reach Rp. 8-10 million. Whereas previously it was only around IDR 2 – 3 million, with full-service airlines.

“To Singapore, one way with a low cost can be IDR 3-5 million so that round trips reach IDR 6-10 million, whereas in the past the round-trip ticket (PP) with a full-service carrier was only IDR 2-3 million,” said DPP Chairman Astindo, Pauline Suharno, quoted some time ago.

Pauline explained that the increase in air ticket prices was due to the increase in aviation fuel costs, to a significant increase in flight demand after the opening of the border.

“Because the avtur increases, so there is an increase in fuel surcharge, the flight frequency is also not as normal as it used to be until there is a lack of staff,” he explained.

Launching The Star, (8/5/2022), CEO of Traveloka Caesar Indra, said that flight ticket prices for the top 3 destinations have increased by 20% since the end of last month, such as Singapore – Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Launching prices on the Traveloka platform, the price of air tickets as of May 31, 2022, for one direct trip reaches IDR 4.2 – 4.7 with Scoot airlines, and Jetstar Asia or Low-Cost Carrier (LCC).

Meanwhile, the Garuda Indonesia Singapore Airlines ticket price is set at IDR 7.2 million for a one-way direct trip.