The government reported an additional 11,434 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday (4/2/2021). The total number of confirmed patients is currently 1,123,105 COVID-19 cases.
DKI Jakarta is the province with the highest increase of COVID-19 cases, namely 3,632, followed by West Java with 2,020 cases, and Central Java with 1,775 cases.

Meanwhile world cases are still rising. European countries still dominate the top 10. Many cases were also recorded in South America, such as in Colombia (2.1 million), Argentina (1.9 million), and Peru (1.1 million). Indonesia’s position is now between Peru and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, cases in China have only reached 100,000.

As of this Thursday, there are a total of 3,064 Indonesians who have tested positive for COVID-19 abroad. There are additional cases from the UK so that the total is 104. “The total number of confirmed Indonesian citizens abroad is 3,064: 2,214 recovered, 171 died & 679 are in treatment,” wrote @Kemlu_RI on Twitter.