New Train Stations in Padang, Indonesia Officially Opened to Boost Railway Transportation

New Train Stations in Padang, Indonesia Officially Opened to Boost Railway Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation, in cooperation with the Government of Padang City, West Sumatra, has recently inaugurated three new train stations. This collaboration was carried out by the Padang Class II Railway Technical Center, whose head, Supandi, expressed his hopes that the newly inaugurated stations, Alai, Air Tawar, and Lubuk Buaya, would increase public interest in train transportation.

The primary aim of constructing these stations was to make train transportation more accessible to the public. The people of Padang no longer need to travel far to get to the Tabing or Padang stations, as the three new stations will serve as convenient alternatives.

Supandi explained that in 2022, the BTP had undertaken numerous railway infrastructure development and improvement projects in Padang City. These projects included the replacement of railway bridges, replacement of rails with R 45, and the construction of radio train dispatching.

To improve safety infrastructure, the BTP Padang became the pilot project for comprehensive level crossing handling. This included the construction of inspection/frontage roads, installation of rail stakes, ornament fences, JPO construction, JPL crossing doors, EWS early warning systems, and the use of concrete level crossings at railway crossings.

Five stations have also been revitalized, three of which are in Padang City. Additionally, 261 illegal crossings between Padang-Pariaman that have often caused accidents were closed.

The Mayor of Padang, Hendri Septa, stated that the city’s government always supports the provision of transportation, such as trains, to integrate transportation modes in Padang.

The Minangkabau Express Airport Train and the Sibinuang Train with the Pariaman-BIM-Padang-Pauh Lima route have become essential parts of transportation in West Sumatra, and they can drive the economy and demographics of the people in Padang City.

The Padang Class II Railway Technical Center has built railway infrastructure such as tracks, stations, JPL, EWS, and other improvements, and the Mayor expressed his gratitude for these improvements that have improved railway travel safety.

The Padang City Government urges the public to maintain the results of the construction because these are national assets that must not be stolen or damaged as it could cause equipment malfunction and accidents on railway lines.