Ministry of Health: Don’t Be Picky about Booster Vaccines, All Are Safe


The government continues to encourage the public to carry out full-dose vaccinations up to 3 stages or up to a booster vaccine. However, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Service (Dinkes) Widyastuti said public interest for the Covid-19 booster vaccination in the capital is still low.

Widyastuti explained that the low interest of the people of the Capital City was due to the behavior of the people who are still picky about the type of Covid-19 booster vaccine.

“Our booster enthusiasm is not as high as the primary vaccine, vaccine doses 1, 2. We invite the community to get a booster that is already available at the health facilities provided,” said Widyastuti when confirmed, Wednesday (9/3).

Widyastuti ensures that all types of booster vaccines have been checked for safety. Therefore, she asked the public not to worry too much about the type of vaccine for the third dose or booster vaccine. This must be done quickly so that the immunity of the Indonesian people is stronger and immediately free from Covid-19.

“All circulating vaccines have been recommended to be safe. So we don’t discriminate between the types of vaccines. Whatever the type of vaccine, as long as there are no contraindications, it is certainly safe to give,” he said.

This is also supported by the spokesperson for the vaccination of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi, “The sooner complete vaccinations and booster coverage, the faster the transition process to endemic,”

Dr. Nadia added that Indonesia was heading towards an endemic period, so it needed acceleration to control and handle the pandemic. One of them is by increasing the number of people getting complete vaccinations and booster vaccinations.

On the other hand, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan also asked for the same thing. He invited the public, especially the elderly, to be willing to undergo a booster Covid-19 vaccination.

“I urge all people to be responsive, especially to the elderly. Those who have not had a booster in the elderly are encouraged to do a booster vaccination because the elderly in general in Jakarta have received the vaccine twice. But the third vaccine for the elderly, please be responsive,” he said.

Capital Vaccination Data

Based on data from the DKI Provincial Government, vaccination dose 1 has now reached 12,416,768 people, with a proportion of 70 percent being residents with a DKI ID card and 30 percent residents with a non-DKI ID card.

Meanwhile, the total dose 2 has now reached 10,443,986 people with a proportion of 72.8 percent being residents with Jakarta ID cards and 27.2 percent residents with non-Jakarta ID cards. And a total of 3 doses to date are 1,508,032 people.