Commemorating National Space Day, LAPAN Invites the Public to Turn Off the Lights for 1 Hour

National Space Day

Welcoming the eighth National Space Day, which falls today, Friday, August 6, 2021, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) invites the public to turn off the lights for an hour. Indonesian people were expected to turn off the lights starting from 8 PM – 9 PM local time.

Jasyanto, LAPAN’s Public Relations Coordinator, said this was aimed at reducing light pollution.

As known, National Space Day is based on the passing of Law Number 21 of 2013. With the Space Law, all space science and technology development activities in Indonesia have a strong foundation.

On this eighth anniversary, it hopes that the public understands that Indonesia already has a Space Law, and builds public awareness of the night sky’s importance and its existence.

In addition, with the existence of this Space Law, it is hoped that science, especially astronomy, can develop more rapidly in Indonesia.

The activity of turning off the lights for one hour was held to invite the public, especially in urban areas, to enjoy the night sky. The public is invited to turn off the lights outside the room only.

As additional information, this activity was carried out because Indonesia, especially in Java, already faced excessive light pollution. Light pollution harms astronomers’ space research. Observations of celestial bodies, even though they have used telescope aids, will still be disturbed due to a large amount of light around the observation location.

Therefore, what we must do is limit the use of lights as an effective and efficient measure.