PPKM Is Extended until February 28, Several Cities Still Enter PPKM Level III

the Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM

Today, Monday (21/2) is the last day of the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Java and Bali. However, the government decided to extend the PPKM period until February 28, 2022. This is because the positive number of Covid-19 transmission, especially Omicron, is still high.

The graph that shows the transmission of this virus is still not sloping. In some cities, the transmission rate is still quite high. Therefore, the government decided 12 cities/regencies in East Java to enter PPKM level III. Some of these areas have high active cases.

The areas in East Java that are included in PPKM level III are:

  1. Sidoarjo Regency, there are 3,914 active cases out of 167 additional cases
  2. Surabaya City, there are 5,694 active cases out of an additional 216 cases
  3. Mojokerto City, there are 168 active cases out of 17 additional cases
  4. Malang City, there are 3,033 active cases out of an additional 204 cases
  5. Madiun City, there are 629 active cases out of 127 additional cases
  6. Kediri City, there are 264 active cases out of 16 additional cases
  7. Batu City, there are 655 active cases out of 43 additional cases
  8. Mojokerto Regency, there are 639 active cases out of an additional 83 cases
  9. Malang Regency, there are 2,468 active cases out of an additional 38 cases
  10. Lamongan Regency, there are 536 active cases out of 16 additional cases
  11. Gresik Regency, there are 2,391 active cases out of an additional 142 cases
  12. Bangkalan Regency, there are 509 active cases out of an additional 17 cases.

The Conditions of Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta

Regarding the conditions of the spread of the Covid-19 and Omicron viruses in Jakarta, the Covid-19 cases in the capital increased by 8,136 on Sunday (20/2/2022) from the total specimens tested by PCR as many as 61,848.

Furthermore, the death toll for DKI COVID-19 cases increased by 32, bringing the total who died to 14,358 people.

The number of recovered Covid-19 patients increased by 11,979 people, bringing the total recovered to 1,043,718 people. It should be noted that DKI Jakarta’s death rate reaches 1.3 percent while the recovery rate reaches 92.4 percent.

Currently, active cases of Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta have reached 71,591 or 6.3 percent of the proportion of national cases which reached 536,358. Then, the positive rate is 16.0 percent. DKI Jakarta also recorded a total of 4,799 Omicron cases. Of that number, as many as 1,779 foreign travel agents (PPLN) and 3,020 others are non-PPLN.

West Java Province became the province with the highest increase in Covid-19 cases, with 10,410 cases, followed by DKI Jakarta 8,136, East Java 5,766, Central Java 4,282, and Banten 3,604 cases.