Extreme Weather Continues to Ravage as Bali BPBD Deploys Balawista Team

Extreme Weather Continues to Ravage as Bali BPBD Deploys Balawista Team (photo: pangandaran.tourism)

The regional disaster management agency, known as BPBD, in the Gianyar district of Bali has assigned its dedicated Balawista team to remain on alert along the coastline for an extended period. This decision comes in response to the continuous issuance of extreme weather warnings by the Bali Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

According to I Gusti Ngurah Dibya Presasta, the Head of Emergency and Logistics at BPBD Gianyar, this measure aims to ensure the safety of the public and preserve the community’s purchasing power and industrial competitiveness amidst the ongoing economic recovery. He affirmed, “Our Balawista team is actively present along the Gianyar coast, tirelessly patrolling the shoreline and providing timely cautions for beachgoers,” as reported by TribunBali.

Dibya further emphasized the importance of understanding the wave conditions and adhering to the recommended guidelines. Recently, there have been incidents of unsuspecting visitors being caught off guard by unexpectedly large waves. However, as of now, the situation remains controlled, and no reports of accidents or people being swept away have been received.

Moreover, the rough sea conditions have significantly impacted the local fishing community, particularly in Gumicik Beach, Ketewel Village, Sukawati. Consequently, many fishermen have been compelled to seek alternative means of earning a livelihood outside of their usual marine activities. Previously, during favorable sea conditions, these fishermen solely relied on their bountiful catches, which were in high demand among culinary traders. Seafood dishes, popular not only among tourists but also among the local Balinese population, played a significant role in supporting their economic prosperity.

In parallel, the BMKG has forecasted the potential occurrence of waves as high as four meters at various points, including the southern region of the Bali Strait. This heightened wave activity is expected to persist until the upcoming weekend. These projections are based on maritime data, indicating the possibility of waves reaching up to four meters in the southern areas of the Bali Strait, Badung Strait, southern section of the Lombok Strait, and the southern waters of Bali. Winds blowing from the southeast are anticipated to attain speeds of up to 20 knots per hour (equivalent to 37 kilometers per hour).

Notably, the northern part of Bali, specifically the Bali Sea, may experience even stronger winds, reaching up to 25 knots per hour (equivalent to 46 kilometers per hour) from the southeast direction. Consequently, wave heights in this region have the potential to reach approximately 2.5 meters.

The BPBD Gianyar, alongside its Balawista team, remains steadfast in its commitment to public safety and preserving the welfare of coastal communities. Efforts are being made to raise awareness among beachgoers, ensuring their well-being and fostering a resilient environment in the face of fluctuating weather patterns.