Singaraja Immigration Implements Drive-Thru Passport

Drive thru service

Pandemic has indirectly made us continue to innovate and keep doing various things during limitations. The innovation was also carried out by the Immigration Office Class II TPI Singaraja in serving the community in the field of making and taking drive-thru passports, as well as notification of completed passports. In addition, the service room re-layout was carried out so that it became more spacious and comfortable while still implementing health protocols.

Quoted from, Nanang Mustofa, Head of the Immigration Office Class II TPI Singaraja, said this public service innovation adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, will make it easier for people to deal with the Singaraja Immigration work area, namely Buleleng, Jembrana, and Karangasem including foreigners in the application for immigration documents.

“Passport drive-thru service, the applicant does not need to get out of the vehicle, it is not complicated, just submit the receipt of the application’s proof, it will be given immediately. As soon as the passport notification is complete, according to the SOP after paying, wait 3 more days to finish. With this, tomorrow the delivery will be finished and the passport will be collected at the drive-thru,”

explained Nanang as reported by the Balitribune.

This innovation was also positively welcomed by Umar Ibn Alkhatab, Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman Representative for the Province of Bali. According to him, this innovation can make it easier for the public, including foreigners, to receive immigration services.