Trans Studio Bandung Is Open Back At The End Of August

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Trans Studio Bandung will reopen starting August 28, 2020. This opening is expected to rebuild the economy around these tourist sites.

The closure of Trans Studio Bandung for almost 5 months, made tourism and economic activities in the area stop. Employees must also be sent home during the time the PSBB was enforced in West Java.

However, with the preparation of a number of health protocols at tourist attractions, Trans Studio Bandung has decided to welcome tourists again at the end of August. This opening is expected to be able to make the economy move again.

Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park Director, Claudia Ingkiriwang explained, the opening of Trans Studio Bandung will be carried out in stages starting on August 28. The number of employees employed is still limited and only works for 1 shift, starting from 10.00-18.00 WIB.

Claudia also ensures that all of these employees are trained to face new normal tours. He also guarantees employee safety through a number of steps, one of which is conducting a Corona test before the employee is on duty.

“Rapid tests will be carried out this week, before coming to work,” he said.

When on duty there are also procedures that employees must comply with. “They are not allowed to wear uniforms from home. Arriving at the office, they wash their faces, clean, then wear official clothes. We also provide food for employees so they don’t snack carelessly. Then employees are also equipped with face shields, masks, and direct contact. where visitors will be wearing gloves, “Claudia explained.

With this anticipation, it is hoped that visitors can travel to Trans Studio Bandung comfortably and safely.

“Don’t worry about starting your activities again. What you have to remember is to keep adapting to new habits. Children must play, have fun in a safe environment,” said Claudia.