The Deer Supermoon Phenomenon Appears in Indonesia’s Sky


Don’t miss witnessing this year’s deer supermoon phenomenon. The deer supermoon phenomenon begins today, July 13, 2022, until tomorrow, July 14, 2022. According to data from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the phenomenon will occur at 01:57 West Indonesia Time, or 02:57 Central Indonesian Time, or 03:57 Indonesian Time. Eastern Indonesia.

Especially in Jakarta, this phenomenon will appear from July 13 at 17.28 WIB to July 14 at 06.25 WIB.

BRIN data records that the full moon phenomenon will occur at a distance of 357,418 km. To witness this rare phenomenon, simply point your eyes in the direction of the rising to the setting of the Moon at the time of sunrise to sunset of the Moon that has been predetermined.

Humans do not need to use optical aids unless they want to capture it in the form of photo images or video recordings. Viewers can use a telescope or binoculars/monoculars connected to a cell phone camera or a CCD camera connected to a personal computer or laptop.

Furthermore, does the full moon of the deer mean that antlers appear on the surface of the moon like a deer? BRIN space researcher Andi Pangerang explained this.

“This name came about because in The Farmer’s Almanac, the American farmer calendar, strawberries are harvested every June while young stags begin to grow antlers in July. This is solely to mark the seasons and animal behavior that occurs at certain seasons for residents Native Americans,” he explained as quoted from the BRIN Space and Science Education page.

What makes it special is that the full moon this time coincides with the full supermoon. Andi said this time the Micro New Moon is flanked by two Super Full Moons that occur in two consecutive months.

To note, from June 14 to July 14, there will be the Full Strawberry Supermoon, the New Strawberry Micro moon, and the Full Buck Supermoon.

“This phenomenon last occurred in 2004 and 2013 so this phenomenon occurs once every nine years. This phenomenon will occur again in 2031 and 2040,” explained Andi.