Electronic Certification Must Be Done for Safe Digital Activities

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The world’s development towards digital is also accompanied by new crimes. Cybercrime often lurks in every digital activity. One way to prevent cybercrimes is to carry out electronic certification.

Former Minister of Finance for the 2013-2014 period, Chatib Basri, explained that the idea of ​​implementing electronic certification and digital signatures was a very good step for a better economic recovery. Therefore, this certification must be fully supported.

“I think this will accelerate the existing digital transformation, especially because for the past two years we have been forced to enter the digital world,” he said in a webinar titled, Outlook 2022: Trends in Using Digital Identity to Drive National Digital Transformation.

He argues that the economic sector transformed to digital form can recover faster than the tourism sector. This is because the tourism sector cannot be digitized.

He said certificates and digital signatures must be included in the digital transformation. With the certificate and signature, it will create comfort and a sense of security.

“The presence of electronic mail organizers (PSrE) fills the void that occurs to ensure that our digital activities can be carried out comfortably, safely, and sustainably,” said Chatib.

Digital certification must be realized soon. This is due to the rapid development of digital transformation during the last two years during this pandemic.

During the pandemic, activities that require a physical presence are replaced digitally. This is what accelerates digital transformation in Indonesia. However, these developments must still be accompanied by crime prevention measures, one of which is by conducting electronic certification.

Chatib added, “Regarding privacy, security of data, actually these issues can be resolved if there is certification. VIDA has already started trying to do this and I hope this will be a step towards making digital activities easier, more convenient, and secure.”

Reported separately, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Digital Empowering Community (Idiec) M. Tesar Sandikapura said that the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information must encourage the application of digital certificates in all ministries and government agencies.

He argues, “I think this is necessary because the government often boasts of digitizing, it’s a shame that administrative matters still have to use wet signatures.”