Indonesia’s Military Rank Increases to 13th in the World Ranking, Outperforming Developed Countries

Indonesian National Armed Forces or TNI

Global Fire Power (GFP) has just released military ratings of countries in the world. Based on their rating, Indonesia’s military rose to rank 13 out of 145 countries they indexed. Indonesia even outperformed several developed countries.

This assessment refers to the categories of military strength, finance, logistical capability, and geography, with a perfect score on this index of 0.0000 (power index).

“The perfect PwrIndx (power index) score is 0.0000, which is realistically unattainable within the scope of the current GFP formula. Thus, the smaller the PwrIndx value, the stronger a country’s conventional combat capability,” wrote the GPF, quoted from its official website.

Based on GFP data as of 9 January 2023, Indonesia’s military index is 0.2221. The smaller the index, the closer to 0, and the stronger the military strength of a country. Conversely, the value of 1, military strength is getting weaker.

The strength of the main defense system (alutsista) for the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) is above Egypt (0.2224), Ukraine (0.2516), Australia (0.2567), Iran (0.2712), and Israel (0.2567). 2757).

The country in the Southeast Asian region that is included in the top 20 in Vietnam (0.2855) is in 19th place. Furthermore, Thailand (0.3738) is ranked 24th, the Philippines (0.4811) is ranked 32nd, Myanmar (0.5768) is ranked 38th, and Malaysia (0.6189) is ranked (0,6189) 42nd.

Germany (0.3881) as a maker of war machines was ranked 25th, just below Thailand and above Algeria (0.3911) ranked 26th. Since the outbreak of World War II, German military spending was limited to anticipate the emergence of new fascist leaders like Adolf Hitler.

Meanwhile, the top ranking is still controlled by the United States, with an index of 0.0712. Then Russia and China followed with the indices 0.0714 and 0.0722. Ranks 4 and 5 are occupied by India (0.1025) and England (0.1435).

The increase in Indonesia’s military rating is due to the support of national military spending which has continued to increase in the last 10 years.

This year, the budget reaches IDR 134.32 trillion. Towards the end of last year, the Ministry of Defense’s budget was suddenly agreed upon by the government and DPR, increasing Rp. 2.4 trillion from the initial proposal.

If there are no such additions, the 2023 budget will be smaller than 2022 by IDR 133.4 trillion. However, the Ministry of Defense’s budget this year is smaller than the 2020 position of IDR 136.9 trillion.

For information, in 2019 Global Firepower released data on Indonesia’s military strength, rising to 16th out of 137 countries rated. At that time, the Indonesian military strength index was at the level of 0.2804.

This figure has increased from the 2015 position of being ranked 19th in the world, and in 2012 was ranked 22nd in the world.