Pertalite Purchase Registration Only for 4-Wheel Vehicles


The government provides updated information regarding the mandatory use of the MyPertamina application for the Pertalite and subsidized diesel fuel purchase. The policy, which will take effect from July 1, is only for cars or 4-wheel vehicles.

This was confirmed by PT Pertamina (Persero). They stated that vehicle registration and identification to the MyPertamina application were only intended for 4-wheel vehicles.

Corporate Secretary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Irto Ginting said that the registration opening in 11 designated areas was not required for two-wheeled vehicles.

“As of July 1 for registration. this is only for 4-wheel vehicles, so two wheels don’t have to worry,” he said at a press conference held in Jakarta, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Irto said that during the registration process, his party will record several identities, starting from the type of vehicle, and vehicle registration number, to match it with the vehicle registration certificate.

According to him, the registration process is also intended as a filter for vehicles that are included as users who can fill Pertalite type of fuel oil (BBM).

However, he said that there were no specific criteria for vehicles during the registration period, considering that the revision of Presidential Regulation No. 191 of 2019 had not yet been completed.

“For Pertalite the Presidential Regulation is still being finalized. So the limitation of vehicle CC is still a discussion in the government. The criteria are still being discussed,” he said.

Furthermore, Irto explained that to get the QR Code that is used to fill out Pertalite, the public can register their identity and their vehicle at

In addition, for areas that have difficulty accessing the internet, public fuel filling stations (SPBU) will be determined as direct registration locations.

“We have prepared several gas stations which will become registration centers for people who do not have access,” he said.
As previously reported, The government has finally issued a new decree regarding the purchase of RON 90 or Pertalite fuel oil. Pertamina Patra Niaga conveyed that the purchase of pertalite-type fuel must have been registered on the MyPertamina page starting July 1, 2022.

The implementation of this new rule is carried out so that the distribution of Pertalite fuel is right on target.

President Director of Pertamina Patra Niaga Alfian Nasution on the official website explained the procedure for purchasing by registering at MyPertamina so that the subsidies provided can be right on target.

According to him, Pertamina, which sells pertalite and diesel fuel, must comply, be on target, and have the right quota in distributing fuel that is subsidized by the government. There are also rules for distributing subsidized fuel, including the quota and amount, and in terms of user segmentation.