Pertamax’s Price Increases Today


In connection with the increase in world oil prices, PT Pertamina (Persero), starting April 1, 2022 or today, has officially raised the price of RON 92 type of fuel oil, Pertamax, to Rp. 12,500 – Rp. 13,000 per liter.

This increase was confirmed by Pertamina’s management. He stated that Pertamax’s price increase was around Rp. 3.500 – Rp. The 4,000 per liter adjusts to the spike in world crude oil prices. They claim, the price increase is still lower by around Rp. 3,500 of the economy.

Previously, the Head of the Bureau of Communication, Public Information Services and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi, said that oil prices in March were much higher than in February.

Then the economic price or the upper limit of RON 92 fuel in April 2022 will reach Rp. 16,000 per liter. This increase was triggered by the growing geopolitical crisis, especially in Eastern Europe.

This situation caused world oil prices to soar above US$ 100 per barrel. This pushed the Indonesia Crude Price (ICP) as of March 24, 2022, to reach US$ 114.55 per barrel or soared to more than 56 percent from the period in December 2021 which was US$ 73.36 per barrel.

In connection with the increase in the price of Pertamax fuel, the following are the prices of other types of fuel:

  1. Pertamina Pertalite Fuel Price Ron 90 : Rp 7,650
    Pertamax Ron 92 : Rp 12,500
    Dexlite CN 51 : Rp 12.950
    Pertamina Dex CN 53 : IDR 13,700
    Pertamax Turbo Ron 98 : RP14,500
  2. Price of Shell Shell Super Ron 92 fuel: Rp12,990
    Shell V-Power Ron 95: Rp 14,500
    Shell IV-Power Nitro+Ron 98: Rp 14,990
    Shell V-Power Diesel CN ​​51 : Rp 13.750
  3. Vivo Revvo 90 fuel price: IDR 8,900
    Revvo 92 : Rp 11.900
    Revvo 95 : Rp 12,500
  4. BP-AKR BP 90 fuel price: Rp 11.990
    BP 92 : Rp 12,500
    BP 95 : IDR 13,900
    BP Diesel CN ​​53: Rp 13,500