China Bans Visits from 8 Countries with High Corona Cases, Is Indonesia Included?


China, the first country to face the Covid-19 outbreak, has now banned visits from 8 countries with high Corona cases.

Quoted from Reuters, China issued a temporary ban on Russia, France, Italy, Britain, Belgium, India and Bangladesh from entering the country. Indonesia is not on the list of prohibitions from entering China.

This restriction also applies to those with valid visas and residence permits. This temporary ban then received a response from the countries in question, including the UK.

“We are concerned about the sudden announcement and comprehensive entry ban, and are waiting for further clarification on when it will be ended,” said the UK Chamber of Commerce in China as a comprehensive ban was announced by the Chinese embassy.

What about countries that are not included in the 8 countries?

China continues to tighten the rules for the entry of foreigners into the country. Requirements include submitting a certificate from the local Chinese Embassy with nucleic acid test results and antibody tests within the last 48 hours of travel.

This step was implemented to prevent transmission of the new Corona from abroad. China has succeeded in reducing Covid-19 cases and no new deaths have been reported.

Based on the worldometers report, there were 33 cases of COVID-19 that were last reported in China. Meanwhile, the total number of Covid-19 cases reached 86,245 with 81,187 recovered cases.