Into the Study Phase, Jakarta-Surabaya High-Speed Train Requires Only 3.5 Hours to Reach Its Destination

The Whoosh Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Train (photo: kemenhub)

The inauguration of Indonesia’s inaugural high-speed train, affectionately known as ‘Whoosh,’ in the ASEAN region has spurred the Indonesian government into action to extend its reach. This time, their sights are set on broadening the high-speed train route to connect Jakarta and Surabaya, aiming to cut the travel time between the two cities to just 3.5 hours.

Budi Karya, Indonesia’s Minister of Transportation, explains that the commencement of high-speed train operations represents a crucial step in the government’s endeavors to lay the groundwork for an innovative intercity mass transit system. He reveals that comprehensive studies concerning the extension of the high-speed train route are currently underway.

However, while enthusiastic about the project, Budi Karya refrains from disclosing specific details regarding the anticipated completion date of these studies. Nevertheless, he confidently asserts that, once realized, the journey from Jakarta to Surabaya via the high-speed train will not exceed 3.5 hours.

“Picture this – a mere 29-minute ride from Jakarta to Padalarang. And, when we eventually reach Surabaya, the travel time will be approximately 3 hours, perhaps slightly more, but no more than 3.5 hours. This is what we are passionately striving for,” articulates Budi Karya during an address at the KCIC Halim Station, as reported on Tuesday (3/10/2023).

Budi Karya goes on to elaborate that the decision to extend the route comes at an opportune moment. In his view, the true efficiency of high-speed trains becomes evident when they cover distances exceeding 500 kilometers.

Looking ahead, the Indonesian government will extend an invitation to prospective initiators, encouraging them to craft proposals for the project’s expansion. Additionally, Budi Karya confirms that the government itself will submit a proposal to further support this initiative.

“The ultimate decision will rest with the incoming government. However, we have meticulously laid the groundwork and formulated forward-looking plans to pave the way for this visionary endeavor,” he concludes.

Prior to this announcement, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had revealed that the study on extending the high-speed train to Surabaya would be finalized within the next two weeks. This revelation came in the wake of his inauguration of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train (KCJB) at the Padalarang Station on Monday (2/10/2023).