Unique Natural Phenomenon Tonight: Five Planets in Alignment Visible in the Sky


Get ready! The natural phenomenon of five planets aligning in a row will occur tonight. This rare celestial event will be visible in the Earth’s sky on Monday-Tuesday, March 27-28, 2023.

The five planets that will be visible are Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars. They will form an arched row next to the Moon in the sky. This rare event can be seen directly with the naked eye, without the need for special equipment.

However, viewers who wish to see all five planets in one night will need to have good timing, a dark sky, and a clear view of the horizon. According to Sciencealert, Venus will be the easiest planet to spot with the naked eye, as it is the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon.

On the other hand, some planets such as Uranus and Mercury may be more difficult to spot. Unfortunately, Jupiter may not be visible after sunset and will disappear beneath the Sun’s rays after March 28th.

To get the best view of this natural phenomenon, it is recommended that viewers move away from city lights and go to a place with a dark sky before sunset. They should also check the weather forecast beforehand.

They should stand in a place with a clear western horizon and no obstructions like mountains or buildings. To see Jupiter and Mercury, viewers must look low on the horizon.

Although most planets can be seen with the naked eye, viewers may need a telescope to see Uranus and to get a complete view of the five planets procession.

An easy way to identify the planets is to download astronomy apps such as Sky Tonight or SkySafari, which will show the location of each planet in the night sky.

The planet parade aligning in a row may happen again this year on April 11 and August 24. Furthermore, another parade of five planets, namely Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn, will occur on June 17.