Kominfo Holds Hacker Warding Training

Hacking illustration. Hacking is one of cyber crimes. (Kevin Ku - Unsplash)

Technological advancements, in fact, also bring various cyber crimes, one of which is hackers. Some information systems in Indonesia are also not free from hacker attacks. Therefore, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) held a Digital Leadership Academy training, which is claimed to provide knowledge on how to ward off hackers.

The training, which begins on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, provides digital talent with training and materials to counteract hacker attacks.

Head of the Research and Development Agency for Human Resources of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Hary Budiarto, said that the material presented was for defense but could also be used for hacker competitions.

According to him, the delivered lessons will be held through cyber security classes. When someone already knows the science of cyber defense, he assesses that the gaps that could potentially be infiltrated by hackers can be anticipated.

He emphasized that Kominfo provides training based on defense, looking for empty gaps in a system. He ensures that the lessons given are not through hackers.

His party has compiled a cyber security curriculum in the Digital Leadership Academy program. According to him, it takes six to eight months to be ready to ward off hacker attacks.

This program, said Hary, targets almost all elements of society including leaders from both local and central government, BUMN, BUMD, company CEOs, students to the general public.

After conducting the training, each participant will be given a certificate by the Ministry of Communication and Information, which is working with eight universities, the Indonesian Telematics Society (Mastel), and the industry.

As is known, hackers often attack government and private sites. They can even leak personal information from someone through the websites they hack.

Take, for example, the hacker Bjorka. He is claimed to be able to leak personal data belonging to Indonesian citizens which are sold on the website breached.to

Bjorka’s hacker was even able to break into the personal identity of the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate, to President Joko Widodo’s secret documents.

Including just breaking into the personal data of the Directorate General of Aptika Kominfo Semuel Pangerapan and Muchdi PR, the former Danjen Kopassus, who had been implicated in the murder of human rights activist Munir.