Proud Moment! Indonesian University Ranked as the Best in Southeast Asia

Proud moment! Indonesian Campus Ranked as the Best in Southeast Asia (photo: Joshua Hoehne - Unsplash)

AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN+ has released its latest rankings of private universities in Southeast Asia and other Asian countries. According to the ranking, seven Indonesian universities have been included in the list of the best universities in the region.

Among these universities, BINUS UNIVERSITY has maintained its position as the number one university in Southeast Asia in the AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN+ 2023.

The university was evaluated for its consistency in delivering quality education across six categories: Teaching and Learning, Employability, Research, Community Engagement, Internationalization, and Institutional Reputation.

Teaching and Learning, which accounted for 40% of the evaluation, measured the satisfaction of students with regard to teaching, facilities, and the student-to-faculty ratio.

Employability (15%) measured the percentage of graduates who are employed or continuing their studies, as well as the percentage of alumni who are tracked after graduation.

Research (15%) measured the impact of research and the number of faculty publications and citations over the past five years.

Community Engagement (10%) measured the involvement of students in social and environmental activities, as well as the support provided to students through scholarships or other means.

Internationalization (10%) measured the number of international students and faculty members at the university, both through exchange programs and those pursuing degrees, as well as students taking virtual classes from outside the country.

Institutional Reputation (10%) was based on nominations from other universities.

Based on the evaluation of these six indicators, BINUS UNIVERSITY has been named the best campus in Southeast Asia.

The AppliedHE Private Campus Ranking: ASEAN+ 2023 provides valuable information for the public, particularly prospective students and their parents, in selecting the best universities for their higher education journey.

Private universities play a crucial role in developing human resources and expanding access to higher education in Southeast Asian countries.

This recognition is evidence of BINUS UNIVERSITY’s commitment as a world-class Indonesian university to continue making a positive impact on society, in line with its vision of “A World-class university, Fostering and Empowering the society in building and serving the nation.”