PLN Will Build Clean Energy Power Sources at ASDP Ports


Indonesia towards energy transition! The government continues to make the transition from conventional energy to renewable energy. Through the state electricity company (PLN), clean electric energy power sources will be built in several ports.

This was confirmed by PT PLN (Persero). They and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) agreed to use electricity instead of fuel for energy power sources at ASDP’s ports.

This is done to create a clean port environment based on green or renewable energy.

The cooperation between the two was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), last Thursday (30/6). In addition to providing the benefits of a clean energy supply for ASDP, this collaboration also supports PLN’s extensification strategy in promoting the Electrifying Marine program.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo explained that so far the sea transportation and fisheries sectors have played an important role in the Indonesian economy. In line with the spirit of the energy transition, PLN will provide clean energy for the Indonesian marine and fisheries sector.

“Since 2021, PLN has been aggressively carrying out an electrifying marine program by replacing the need for port energy sources that have been dependent on fuel to become electricity-based,” said Darmawan, quoted from a written statement, Friday (1/7/2022).

In this collaboration, PLN will build an Independent Electric Platform (ALMA) in the form of a General Electric Charging Station (SPLU) with a power of 5,500 VA to 23,000 VA at ASDP’s Port.

Later ALMA can be utilized by ASDP and the community around the port, such as loading and unloading ships, energy sources for cold storage, as well as electricity needs for the location of the Fish Landing Base (PPI) and Fish Auction Place (TPI).

“Through ALMA, together we can reduce carbon emissions produced from fuel. Where the carbon emissions used by electricity are one-third lower than the carbon emissions produced by fuel,” he said.

He hopes that the presence of ALMA can increase the competitiveness of fishermen and actors in the Indonesian marine and fisheries sector.
“We all know that our ancestors were seafarers, so the role of the marine and fisheries sector in the national economy is also very important,” added Darmawan.

“Through this collaboration with ASDP, we will certainly continue to add ALMA points at ports throughout Indonesia. We hope that with this SOE synergy, we will be able to provide equitable and reliable access to electricity for the entire community,” said Darmawan.

This collaboration was also welcomed by ASDP President Director Ira Puspadewi. According to him, this step is a form of full support for environmentally friendly programs through the presence of ALMA services.

“The collaboration through the ALMA service is an activity to use fuel efficiency and use clean energy as an energy source for ships when they dock at ports,” said Ira.

For information, until April 2022, PLN has built 35 ALMAs spread across Indonesia with a total installed power of 841.9 kVA. From January to April 2022, ALMA’s kWh usage even reached 86.4 thousand kWh. At most, PLN has built 12 ALMA points in Maluku and North Maluku with total usage of up to 45 thousand kWh