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Accelerating Energy Transition, Indonesia Gets Serious About Developing Hydrogen Fuel

In pursuit of Indonesia's ambitious goal of achieving emission-free status by 2060, the government has embarked on a series of initiatives to develop eco-friendly...

JETP Unveils Public Consultation for IDR 300 Trillion Investment Plan Draft

Indonesia is making steady progress in its preparations for an energy transition program funded by the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). In a recent...

Indonesia Advised to Exercise Caution in Utilizing JETP Funding, Why?

The Transition Zero energy research institution has sounded a note of caution for the Indonesian government, urging careful consideration when it comes to harnessing...

PLN Will Accelerate Energy Transition to Support Economic Growth

The energy transition is considered very important to be accelerated. This is because the energy transition can drive national economic growth. Moreover, Indonesia needs...

Go Green! The United Kingdom Granted 7.2 million Pounds to Indonesia

The United Kingdom granted funds amounting to 7.2 million pounds to Indonesia. This large fund is a form of UK support for energy efficiency...

Joe Biden Ready to Fund Indonesia’s Energy Transition, Is This Debt?

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has committed to funding the energy transition in Indonesia of up to US$ 20 billion. Then,...

World Bank Fully Supports Indonesia’s Energy Transition

Indonesia's move to accelerate the transition to more environmentally friendly energy has the full support of the World Bank. This was conveyed by the...

Government Launches ETM to Accelerate Energy Transition

The government accelerates the transition from fossil energy to more environmentally friendly energy by launching the Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) Country Platform program. The...

Indonesia Potentially Gets US$600 Billion Investment from green infrastructure

Bank Indonesia said that Indonesia has the potential to get a super large investment fund of up to US$600 billion from green infrastructure. This...

Renewable Energy Electricity Supply Requires Investment Of Up To IDR 9000...

In line with the government's energy transition commitment, the State Electricity Company (PLN) is ready to fully support the program. However, the costs of...



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