Top 3 Indonesian Liquor

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There are various regions in Indonesia that have traditional liquor. Despite the controversy over alcoholic beverages, a number of regions in the country have a long tradition of developing liquor with intoxicating substances. Generally, these liquor are made from the fermentation process of ingredients, such as sap, rice, fruit, and so on.

It is known that this typical alcoholic drink is part of a tradition or custom to welcome guests or to celebrate something. Here are the top 3 Indonesian liquor that you need to know:

1. Arak Bali, Balinese Wine

Arak, one of the typical liquors of Indonesia, is originally made from Bali. Usually, this local liquor is served during rituals or traditional ceremonies.

This drink is made from fermented coconut juice and fruits. Balinese wine contains about 30-50 % of alcohol. However, you´re not supposed to drink this until you get high.

This beverage is used for traditional ceremonies with certain rituals. This drink is served in order to create a warm atmosphere for gathering.

Arak is made by fermenting coconut juice and fruits. Generally, arak is drunk with a mixture, such as juice or syrup to get more delicious after taste.

2. Sopi

This liquor, which comes from Flores and Maluku, is made from palm or palm sugar. The process of making Sopi is by distilling and fermenting it on bamboo stalks for about 10 days.

For local people, this sweet-tasting drink symbolizes togetherness which is usually served in a number of special events, such as rituals or traditional ceremonies.

3. Tuak

Tuak is considered a light liquor (8 %).

Similar to Sopi, This liquor is also made from palm sugar. Tuak is so popular that you can easily find it in almost entire Indonesia. Especially in Sumatra and Lombok.

A number of variants can be found easily in various regions in Indonesia. Tuak in North Sumatra, for example, is mixed with dried fruits. Meanwhile, the people of Lombok like to combine it with roots and spices.