UK Will Cut Quarantine Period To 5 Days For Foreign Tourists

united kingdom

The UK is currently preparing to open access for foreign tourists who enter their country even though the COVID-19 pandemic situation is not over yet. Foreign tourists who come to the UK will later undergo quarantine in a shorter time.

Reported by AFP, Tuesday (11/24/2020), Transport Secretary, Grant Shapp said the policy will apply from (15/12). Foreign tourists will only undergo a quarantine period of 5 days. So far, the quarantine period for people who have just entered the UK is 14 days.

“Our new testing strategy will allow us to travel more freely, see the loved ones and conduct international business,” Grant said.

“By giving people the option to do the test on the fifth day, we are also supporting the travel industry which continues to rebuild from the pandemic,” he continued.

Finance Minister, Rishi Sunak hopes that the arrival of foreign tourists will be able to encourage commercial activities in the UK, one of them is activities at the airport. According to him, the aviation industry is a point that can create jobs.

“The aviation industry is very important to our economy – creating jobs and driving growth,” Rishi said.

The 5-day quarantine period is not only for foreign tourists arriving by plane. This policy also applies to those who use ships.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 55,000 people died in the UK. The corona outbreak there is among the highest in Europe.