PlayStation 6 Release Schedule Is Leaked

PlayStation 5

Success with the PlayStation 5, which was released in 2020, now the release date for the next generation of PlayStation (PS 6) has appeared to the public.

It is known that the sale of PS 5 was a huge success in the market. The latest game console is very popular with game lovers around the world.

Sony even stopped PS4 production to fill PS5 stock. Sony, the company that houses it, reports that more than 25 million Playstation 5 consoles have been sold.

Sony’s revenue for this year has also increased by 12%, with a total of 727 billion Yen or around IDR 77.1 trillion converted from sales of the PS 5 alone.

During the success of the PS 5, the news is now circulating about the release date for the next generation Playstation. This rumor circulated from Neowin in the form of an official document providing details of the next Playstation launch.

In the document, it is stated that it is likely that the Playstation 6 will be present in 2027.

Additionally, this is part of an Activision Blizzard investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition that was filed with the UK CMA, but the highlight is Microsoft’s bid for Sony. This document notes that Microsoft agreed to continue offering Activision games to Sony until 2027. So Playstation owners can only get Call of Duty games for the next five years.

Then also at the end of his statement, SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) will launch the next generation Playstation game console. Sony is still keeping it a secret, but according to leaked document reports, the next generation Playstation will be launched at the end of this deal (2027).

Looking back, for accuracy, the Playstation launch cycle is once every 7 years. For example, Sony launched PS3 in 2006, and 7 years later launched PS4 in 2013.

Furthermore, from the launch of the PS4 in 2013 to the launch of the PS5 it also took another 7 years, namely on November 20, 2020.

It will be interesting to wait for the continuation of this console. Before PS6 Release, have you bought PS 5?