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Latest Update on Quarantine Rules: Government Cuts Quarantine to 3 Days....

The government has updated the rules regarding quarantine when entering Indonesian territory. After previously on February 16, the three-day quarantine provision only applies to...

Trial to Enter Bali Without Quarantine Will Start on March 14

Seeing the trend of controllable Covid-19 transmission, the government plans to test the concept of Overseas Travelers (PPLN) entering Bali without quarantine. This trial will...

Bubble Quarantine Are Required for Overseas Travelers When Visiting Bali

The government has just released the latest update regarding the rules of entering the Bali area for Foreign Travel Actors (PPLN). The Covid-19 Handling...

Hong Kong Enforces a 3-Week Quarantine Period for Foreign Tourists

Hong Kong has extended the mandatory quarantine duration for almost all international tourists from two weeks to three weeks starting this Friday. This was...

UK Will Cut Quarantine Period To 5 Days For Foreign Tourists

The UK is currently preparing to open access for foreign tourists who enter their country even though the COVID-19 pandemic situation is not over...



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