Totality! New Zealand Implements 3 Days Lockdown After Discovering One Case of Delta Variant

Lockdown in New Zealand

The national lockdown was imposed in New Zealand after a case of a suspected delta variant was found. This lockdown is the first time it has been enforced, after the last 6 months New Zealand has not reported any Delta variants and its people live without restrictions.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister ordered a nationwide lockdown after a suspected case of the Delta variant emerged in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.

The number of Covid-19 cases had risen to 10 as of Wednesday. 

When the lockdown was announced, panic buying took place in a number of supermarkets. Even though the government promised that the supply would not stagnate.

For additional information, for three days, New Zealand will be on lockdown level four, aka the highest level of restrictions. Meanwhile, in Auckland, where cases of the Delta variant are suspected, there will be a seven-day lockdown.