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Totality! New Zealand Implements 3 Days Lockdown After Discovering One Case...

The national lockdown was imposed in New Zealand after a case of a suspected delta variant was found. This lockdown is the first time...

China Finds Covid Antibodies Against the Delta Variant

A study in China succeeded in finding Covid-19 antibodies against the Delta variant. The antibody is claimed to be a treatment for viral infections...

Delta Variant Continues to Spread Makes China Implements Partial Lockdown

China reported a surge in Delta variant Covid-19 infections in four provinces on Thursday (July 29). The surge in cases began when nine workers at...

Are There Types of Masks that Effectively Protect the Body from...

The delta variant of Covid-19 is now spreading everywhere, including in Indonesia. As known, this virus variant has the fastest spread's rate. One way to...



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