Bali is Among the Favorite Places to Retire, Expats Must Read!

a woman enjoying the beautiful nature of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. (photo: Jared Rice - Unsplash)

International Living, a travel consultancy firm, recently released a list of the best areas or countries in Asia to retire, and Bali is one of them. Bali ranked fourth on the list, with Thailand taking the top spot with a Global Retirement Index (GRI) score of 72.9 points.

Bali itself had a GRI score of 69 points, while Cambodia was ranked second on the list with a GRI score of 72.3 points. Malaysia came in third place with a GRI score of 72 points, followed by Sri Lanka in fifth place with a GRI score of 68.9 points, and Vietnam in sixth place with a GRI score of 68.3 points.

The assessment criteria used by International Living to compile the report were based on ten assessments from the 2022 Global Retirement Index.

These ten assessment criteria included cost of living, visa ease, entertainment options, health facilities, infrastructure, climate conditions, government governance, benefits and discounts, and climate/weather. Spending retirement in Bali is considered a wise choice based on the aforementioned criteria.

As many may already know, Ubud and Seminyak are the most popular destinations among expatriates and tourists. Both areas have everything needed for a modern lifestyle and facilities that can meet daily needs, especially for expats to retire.

The government also offers retirement visas for expatriates who wish to spend their golden years in Indonesia. The requirements are as follows: minimum age of 55 years, proof of health and life insurance, proof of a pension income of at least $1,520 per month, or a total of $18,270 in savings to cover living expenses while staying in Bali, proof of a lease agreement with a monthly cost of more than $380, a letter stating that the expatriate agrees to employ at least two (2) Indonesian citizens during their stay, and a CV and letter stating that the expatriate will not work while staying in Bali.

These rules and regulations are subject to change, so be sure to check for updates and additions. With this visa, expatriates can stay in Bali for one year and renew it for another five years. With the visa, expatriates can open a local bank account and obtain a local SIM card. Some restaurants, tourist attractions, and hospitals also offer discounts for expatriates with a visa.