Odd-Even System in Three Roads in Jakarta Effective Today

Odd-even system in Jakarta
DKI Jakarta

Starting Thursday, August 26, 2021, Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya applies an odd-even system on three roads in Jakarta until August 30. 

The implementation of the odd-even system starts at 6 AM to 8 PM Western Indonesian Time on three roads, Thamrin Road, Rasuna Said Road, and Sudirman Road.

“These three areas are the main office areas in Jakarta, where during the PPKM level 3 period, essential and critical provisions were still being applied with the WFH and WFO systems,” said Sambodo, Director of Traffic of the Polda Metro Jaya via cnnindonesia.com.

There are several vehicles that are excluded from this odd-even system, including motorcycles, yellow plate vehicles, and Indonesian National Military (TNI)/Indonesian National Police (POLRI) vehicles. 

In addition, red plate service vehicles, and vehicles that have emergency purposes to those related to vaccination activities are also excluded from this odd-even system. The Polda Metro Jaya will evaluate the implementation of this policy on August 30.