An International Journal Finally Publishes Nusantara Vaccine


Proud news came from the world of health in Indonesia. The Covid-19 vaccine developed by Indonesian scientists, namely Nusantara Vaccines, has finally been published in an international journal.

The former Indonesian Minister of Health, as well as the initiator of the Nusantara Vaccine, Dr. Terawan, said that the vaccine published in an international journal could be studied by all parties for the advancement of global health sciences.

“I am very grateful that an international journal related to the Nusantara Vaccine has been published. All parties can access and learn for the advancement of world health science,” Terawan said, as conveyed by Terawan’s Communication Team, Andi, through a press release received in Jakarta, Friday.

According to Terawan, the article about the Nusantara Vaccine in an international journal is good news for the health world.

In the statement, it was explained that the Nusantara Vaccine was made using a dendritic cell approach wherein the process of the cells was carried out outside the human body.

He said that so far many people had received injections of the Nusantara Vaccine, including several national figures.

Terawan is grateful that as a child of the nation and thanks to the help of many parties, including the research team, he can demonstrate his abilities in the world of international health.

He hopes that the publication of the international Q1 journal Vaccine Nusantara can advance the development of world health science, and solve the problem of COVID-19 in the world.

“Hopefully with the publication of this journal, it can help the progress and development of world health science, and complete our fight against COVID-19,” he said.

Finally, Terawan thanked the government, Kariadi Hospital Semarang, and Gatot Subroto Army Hospital for supporting the Nusantara Vaccine research in Indonesia.

“I would like to thank the Government, Mr. Joko Widodo, who has supported this research, as well as Kariadi Hospital, Gatot Subroto Army Hospital,” he said.

It is known that the Nusantara Vaccine Research Team, FK Undip/RSUP Dr. Kariadi, Yetty Movieta Nency, said that the manufacture of the Nusantara Vaccine went through several stages, First, taking blood from the body of a subject or patient.

Next, the blood will be taken to the laboratory to be separated between white blood cells and dendritic cells or defense cells (part of white blood cells). These cells can recognize the virus that causes Covid-19, and SARS-CoV-2.

Second, after the cells are successfully introduced to the coronavirus, the dendritic cells will be taken back to be injected into the body of the same patient in the form of a vaccine.

The process of taking blood, and examination in the laboratory, until the vaccine is ready to be injected takes about one week. The hope is that this vaccine has good immunity or antibodies against the coronavirus.