Vacation to Thailand Now Use Taxes?


Thailand is one of the favorite countries for holidays. If in the past it was free to enter, now all tourists have to pay taxes.

Reporting from The Independent, Thailand plans to impose a new tourist tax. The proposal came from the Thai National Tourism Policy Committee.

If it is legalized, each international tourist must pay a tourist tax of 200 baht or around Rp. 93 thousand per person. This tax is considered as part of the new levy.

Later, some of the money that comes in will be used for the management of local tourist destinations. The other half will be used as subsidized costs for tourists who cannot pay hospital bills.

To date, it is not clear how the taxes will be collected. However, further details will be published in the Royal Gazette once approved.

This new policy is leading to tourism losses amid the pandemic. It can’t be helped, Thailand really depends on its tourism income. Especially now that White Elephant Country has just reopened its borders.

So far the program that applies is self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving at the Thailand. Tourists can quarantine at government-approved facilities at their own expense.

After being tested negative for Covid-19, tourists can explore Thailand freely. Another absolute requirement is to wear a mask and keep your distance in public places.

With a pandemic, Thailand has lost 80 percent of tourists compared to 2019. Meanwhile, the figure for 2021 is also predicted to decrease.

Thailand is not alone, countries such as Italy, Spain and New Zealand have also imposed tourist taxes in recent years.