The exchange rate of the US dollar against the rupiah strengthened this morning. The US dollar was at the level of Rp 14,714 or up 98 points (0.67%) against yesterday’s position.

This was quoted from Radient Technologies Inc (RTI )data, Friday (16/10/2020). Until 09.55 WIB, the US dollar was recorded to be moving at the level of Rp 14,618-14,721.

When compared to a weekly basis, the US dollar was recorded to have weakened 0.02%. Meanwhile, on a monthly basis, the US dollar lost to 0.14%.

On the other hand, from Reuters trade data, the US dollar this morning was at the level of Rp 14,695. This figure was recorded to have strengthened 30 points or 0.2%.

This morning, the US dollar was the strongest pressure on the rupiah. Apart from that, US dollar’s currency also put pressure on the Singapore dollar, Canadian dollar and Swiss franc.

The rupiah itself this morning weakened the majority against the currencies of other world countries. Apart from the US dollar, the rupiah also lost out on the South Korean won, Taiwan dollar and Japanese yen.