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Rupiah Records Weakest Position Against US Dollar Throughout 2022

At the start of trading Thursday (29/12), the rupiah exchange rate fell against the US Dollar. The rupiah opened trading with a weakening of...

BI Sets Rupiah Exchange Rate Assumption at Rp. 15,070 per US...

Bank Indonesia (BI), together with Commission XI of the Indonesian House of Representatives, established the rupiah exchange rate assumption at Rp. 15,070 per US...

Shopping in Singapore Can Use Rupiah

Transacting in Singapore will be easier due to the immediate legalization of the Rupiah currency as a means of payment there. Bank Indonesia (BI)...

Update on Rupiah Redenomination Policy, Still on Going?

The Central Bank and several other monetary supporters have initiated the redenomination of the Rupiah for a long time. Simplifying the rupiah's value is...

The New Rupiah Has Sophisticated Technology

Bank Indonesia has officially launched 7 new banknotes in 2022 Emission Year. There are seven types, namely the IDR 100,000, IDR 50,000, IDR 20,000,...

7 New Rupiah, Looks Fresh in the 77th Independence Anniversary

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYbJ_QC1Odc The government, through Bank Indonesia, officially launched 7 new banknotes in the 2022 edition. The design of this new note looks new and fresh. read...

Government Officially Issues 7 New Money 2022

The government, through Bank Indonesia, officially launched 7 new banknotes in the 2022 edition. The design of this new note looks new and fresh....

The US-China Conflict Has a Bad Impact on Indonesia

Relations between the United States and China have been heating up lately. The heating up of the two countries turned out to be bad...

Bank Indonesia Will Release New Policy

Bank Indonesia (BI) gave a signal regarding new policy in responding to global economic developments. They will adjust policies amid global uncertainty that also...

Recession Threatens the World Next Year

The World Bank has just expressed its concerns regarding the global economy. They are skeptical that the United States and the world economy can...



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