The New Rupiah Has Sophisticated Technology


Bank Indonesia has officially launched 7 new banknotes in 2022 Emission Year. There are seven types, namely the IDR 100,000, IDR 50,000, IDR 20,000, IDR 10,000, IDR 5,000, IDR 2000 and IDR 1000 banknotes. This new rupiah also has some advanced technology. What’s that?

One of the technologies embedded in the new rupiah is security thread technology or microlens. This is part of the best practice for printing banknotes in several countries.

In addition, BI is also strengthening color-changing ink technology. This adds a magnetic ink feature that has dynamic motion effects for large shards.

The seven new banknotes still retain the main image of the national hero on the front. However, there is an ultraviolet protection element with the expansion of the UV area with a variety of colors.

Each banknote also has a secret image, for example, the Rp 100 thousand banknotes will have a map of Indonesia that can only be seen with ultraviolet light.

“In the Rp 100 thousand bill, if it is subjected to ultraviolet light it will light up. There is a map that lights up,” said Executive Director of the BI Money Management Department, Marlison Hakim.

The new banknotes will also display the hero’s hometown using ultraviolet light. For example, the picture of Djuanda at Rp. 50 thousand, because it comes from West Java, the island of Java will shine compared to other regions.

“He will come out the color of the origin of the hero’s area. For example, Djuanda is from West Java, when the ultraviolet lamp is turned on, the island of Java will appear brighter than the others,” he explained.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the rupiah was not only a medium of exchange but also contained stories and narratives about nationality, diversity, and unity.

“This is a symbol and at the same time a commitment for all of us,” said Sri Mulyani at the launch at the BI Building, Jakarta, Thursday (18/8/2022).

Sri Mulyani emphasized that the rupiah is a legal tender in Indonesia. It is proper for all Indonesians to treat the rupiah as something to be respected and proud of. “Together with the rupiah, we will rise stronger towards a developed Indonesia,” he said.

The issuance and circulation of the 2022 TE Money are one of the implementations of the mandate of the Currency Law as part of the planning to meet the people’s money needs in 2022 while still implementing good governance according to the Act.

Governor of Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo conveyed that the launch of the rupiah was a tangible manifestation of a shared commitment to providing a quality and trusted currency to the public.

“I invite all components to love, be proud, and understand the rupiah. Let’s continue to spread optimism, national spirit, and commitment to recover faster, and rise stronger towards advanced Indonesia,” said Perry on the same occasion.