Jokowi: Almost All Countries Are Scrambling to Invest in Indonesia

2023: Year of Economic Resilience Test for Indonesia

The name of Indonesia is too beautiful in the world’s eyes. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) even said that almost all countries are scrambling to invest in Indonesia. Then, what causes it?

According to Jokowi, Indonesia’s economic growth has reached 53%. This high figure attracts foreign investors to invest their capital.

he then detailed three main factors why other countries were scrambling to invest in Indonesia. First, equal distribution of infrastructure, such as toll roads, ports, and airports, which are not only spread across Java.

Second, Indonesia’s social and political stability and security are considered good. Third, Indonesia’s economic fundamentals are also considered good.

Moreover, Indonesia’s success in organizing the G20, and making Indonesia the chairman of ASEAN, has also attracted investors.

Jokowi mentioned two data that made other countries fight over investment in RI. First, based on investment data in 2022 RI can reach and even exceed the target of IDR 1,200 trillion, namely IDR 1,207 trillion.

He explained that the economic growth which reached 53 percent was outside Java. Meanwhile, the remaining 47 percent is seen in Java.

“This means that we are no longer Java-centric, but Indonesia-centric. Sulawesi is good, North Maluku is good, and Sumatra is growing. This is very, very good because almost all countries are currently fighting over the name of investment,” he said at the 2023 Mandiri Investment Forum at the Fairmont Hotel, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (1/2).

However, Jokowi said that Indonesia’s economic growth was still led by contributions from consumption, followed by investment in second place.

Therefore, Jokowi asked that investment must be truly maintained. Not only investing on a small scale in MSMEs but on a large scale entering through corporations.