The Stunting Rate in Bengkulu Province Decreases by 4 Percent, Jokowi Gives Praise

The Stunting Rate in Bengkulu Province Decreases by 4 Percent, Jokowi Gives Praise (photo: BPMI Setpres - Rusman)

In the realm of nutrition and public health, a heartening development has emerged in Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. The prevalence of stunting, a deeply concerning issue affecting the growth and development of children, has been experiencing a commendable decline, with percentages dropping by an impressive 4 percent. This positive trend caught the attention and garnered praise from none other than President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) himself.

Expressing his elation, President Jokowi spoke out after a significant and enlightening visit to the Srikuncoro Community Health Center, situated in the heart of Central Bengkulu Regency, on a momentous Thursday, July 20, 2023.

Observing the efforts on the ground and witnessing tangible progress, the President found reason to celebrate the proactive measures taken in the battle against stunting.

“The figures in Bengkulu Province have shown significant improvement, decreasing from 22 percent to 18 percent. This feat means that Bengkulu now stands below the national average in stunting cases,” conveyed President Jokowi, his satisfaction evident through the words quoted on the official YouTube channel of the Presidential Secretariat.

Eager to build on this momentum and effect lasting change, President Jokowi envisioned a future where the stunting rate would continue to plummet, aiming to bring it below 14 percent by the year 2024. As a visionary leader, he recognized the importance of sustained efforts in tackling the root causes of stunting and acknowledged that the journey toward eradicating this issue was an ongoing endeavor.

Lauding the innovative strategies employed at the Srikuncoro Community Health Center, President Jokowi specifically praised the utilization of eel and cassava-based food products, aptly termed “eel nuggets,” as an impactful nutritional intervention to combat stunting.

Recognizing the high protein content and potential benefits of these inventive culinary creations, he commended the local ingenuity in addressing nutritional needs and emphasized the importance of such innovative solutions in achieving broader health objectives.

President Jokowi’s appreciation for the role of collaboration in this noble fight was evident, as he called for concerted efforts and active involvement from all stakeholders. Emphasizing that the battle against stunting required collective responsibility, he urged both the public and private sectors to join hands and contribute to a multifaceted approach.

Intrinsically motivated by his commitment to the well-being of Indonesia’s children, President Jokowi passionately called on all provinces to draw inspiration from Bengkulu’s positive trajectory.

Encouraging them to emulate the best practices and adapt innovative solutions that resonate with their unique contexts, he sought to create a united front against stunting, ultimately fostering a healthier and more prosperous future for the nation’s youngest generation.

As the sun sets on this eventful visit, President Jokowi’s determination and visionary leadership continue to inspire the nation. His resolute efforts and dedication in combating stunting send a powerful messageā€”a message of hope, resilience, and progress. Anchored in his firm belief that every child in Indonesia deserves an opportunity to grow and flourish, President Jokowi’s pursuit of a stunting-free nation exemplifies a profound commitment to securing a brighter future for generations to come.