New National Capital Will Be 10 Minutes City and Sophisticated City


The project to relocate the national capital to the province of East Kalimantan is underway. The process has entered the first phase of development. Recently, President Jokowi said that the new capital would be nicknamed the 10 minutes city.

He explained that IKN would become a 10-minute city, which means that it would only take 10 minutes to circle all corners of the new capital.

Jokowi in the inauguration of the Nasdem Tower in Jakarta, Tuesday (22/2), said, “The new capital city, from one point to another, is estimated by a city planner, it will take 10 minutes. So, this is 10 Minutes City. From here to here, from here to here, all 10 minutes.”

The new capital will be built with an environmentally friendly concept with environmentally friendly public transportation as well. Jokowi wants the new capital to only provide public transportation and no private vehicles. Mobility of citizens will fully use public transportation.

“If you like driving a car, especially one whose car uses fossil fuels, don’t move to the new capital city,” he said.

He explained that later the capital would be very suitable for those who like to walk. The capital is also suitable for those who like cycling.

Furthermore, regarding an environmentally friendly capital city, he explained that in the future the new capital will use the latest advanced technology that is environmentally friendly. He ensures that the energy used by the new capital is green.

Water management systems, transportation, infrastructure, communication systems, and public services will all be managed using advanced technologies. However, keep paying attention to green areas by multiplying trees and forests.

He explained that 70 percent of the new capital area should be a green area. Then, 80 percent of transportation uses green energy, namely hydropower in North Kalimantan.

“80 percent of the existing mobility or mobility from one place to another is supported by 80 public transportation. So it’s not a private car,” said President Jokowi.

He continued, “Many have asked me, where does the budget come from? For the core area where there are palaces and ministerial buildings, that’s all from the APBN. Our estimate is 20 percent of the total required budget. So 80 percent is both PPP and investment. directly by investors.”

Since the new capital is located in the hills, he explained that land level adjustments are currently being carried out. Furthermore, the waterfront area is also made as natural as possible. Currently, ecosystem repair and rehabilitation are underway there.

Jokowi explained, “There are some existing forest ecosystems that have been damaged, but we will rehabilitate and repair them so there is no assumption that we are there to destroy the forest. What we use is 256 thousand hectares later, approximately 50 thousand hectares will be used. The rest 200 thousand hectares is indeed going to be left as a green forest, we will fix the bad ones, we will fix the bad ones.”

Furthermore, Jokowi added, the government is building a nursery or nursery and tree nurseries whose production is estimated to be 20 million seeds a year.

The new nation’s capital will be moved after President Joko Widodo issues a presidential decree. Until then, DKI Jakarta is still the capital city of the country.