The Government Will Build Cheap Houses For The Public in The New Capital

the latest progress of the new capital construction in East Kalimantan

The new capital city development in East Kalimantan is not only focused on infrastructure but also housing. Therefore, the Government has begun to develop plans for cheap houses for residents in the Nusantara capital.

This development will not only be intended for the state civil apparatus, army, and police, but it is also for the community.

This was stated by the Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN) Bambang Susantono after a limited meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, as quoted on Thursday (11/3/2022).

“There are actually four (residents/cheap houses in IKN), ASN, TNI-Polri, residents, then workers, the same outside of that,” said Bambang.

“For example, there will be a school, there will be a teacher, there will be others, then there will be for example a hospital or hospital, a clinic, there will also be a nurse, all kinds of things must also be accommodated,” he explained.

Bambang said Jokowi had asked that the development of housing in IKN was also intended for the surrounding community such as residents and people with low incomes.

“Well, we saw the map, all of that, so that later the housing developed will not only be for ASN, TNI-Polri, but also for people like that and low-income people who were also asked by the President to be made,”

Bambang estimates that the population of IKN will reach 200 thousand people in 2024. According to Bambang, this number represents the total number of IKN residents including residents to workers in other sectors.

“The population in 2024 will be around 200 thousand. That includes residents, workers, then also migrants. We are not all separated, all IKN residents, right,” he added.

Furthermore, Bambang Susantono ensured that IKN development would continue to promote a jungle city that puts forward the concept of being environmentally friendly.

“It’s only 25 percent that was built, 5-10 percent for green, and the remaining 65 percent will remain a forest. We want it to be called a forest city, a jungle city, so we will maintain that one,” he was quoted as saying by telephone. Cabinet Secretariat page.

Bambang said the infrastructure development strategy was one of the efforts to answer investor questions related to business opportunities in IKN.

Later the government will build infrastructure with a sufficient population for investors to invest in some points in IKN.

“The important thing is that the population is sufficient for the investors to consider that they have sufficient purchasing power,” said Bambang.