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Jokowi Reveals Government’s Strategy to Provide Housing for Millennials

Currently, there are 81 million productive millennials in Indonesia who have not yet been able to own a home or acquire housing facilities. In...

Owning a House Is Getting More Difficult, Renting Is an Option?

Indonesian people are predicted to find it increasingly difficult to have their own homes. This is due to an increase in the benchmark interest...

The Government Will Build Cheap Houses For The Public in The...

The new capital city development in East Kalimantan is not only focused on infrastructure but also housing. Therefore, the Government has begun to develop...

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Gives Discount on Land and Building Tax

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government applies for discounts and exemptions from Land and Building Tax (PBB) obligations for its citizens. This policy is considered...

4 Advantages for Having Minimalist House

Limited land affects house prices that are increasingly expensive. If you live in an urban area, this condition is often found. Having a minimalist house...



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