Sumedang Police, West Java, named a suspect in the alleged cutting of the red and white flag which was recorded on video and then spread on social media. A total of three women involved in the video were named as suspects.

“We have [named a suspect], we have also filed the case and we are detaining it at the Sumedang Police,” said the Head of the Sumedang Police, Adjunct Commissioner Yanto Slamet, Thursday (17/9).

The three women named the suspect were PN (50) as the main perpetrator who cut the flag, AI (50) who held the flag when it was cut, and DYH (30) the perpetrator who recorded the flag destruction.

The three suspects were suspected of Article 66 of Law Number 24 of 2009 in conjunction with Article 24 letter a of Law Number 24 of 2009 concerning the Flag, Language and State Emblem, as well as the National Anthem.

“The penalty is five years imprisonment and a fine of Rp. 500 million,” said Yanto.

Previously, the Sumedang Police, West Java, examined a woman who was caught on camera cutting the red and white flag into pieces. The action went viral on social media twitter.

“We are examining the people in the video,” said Sumedang Police Chief AKBP Dwi Indra Laksamana when contacted, Wednesday (16/9).

Previously, a 29-second video showing two women holding the Red and White flag was spread on social media. One of the women in the video appears to be cutting the flag.

After the flag was cut off, one of the women scattered it and picked it up. It is suspected that there is more than one person in the video. Because, it seems that someone is recording video and talking in video.