Brunei Darussalam is set to Construct High-Speed Train Linking to Nusantara Capital

Brunei Darussalam is set to Construct High-Speed Train
Brunei Darussalam is set to Construct High-Speed Train Linking to Nusantara Capital

Brunei Darussalam is planning a massive project: a high-speed train that will span over 1,600 kilometers, connecting Sabah, Sarawak, and even the Nusantara State capital. President Joko Widodo has voiced his thoughts on this ambitious plan.

The company behind this initiative, Brunergy Utama from Brunei Darussalam, claims to be working on a proposal to construct the high-speed rail in collaboration with Malaysia and Indonesia. This railway will link Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and parts of Kalimantan.

Risal Wasal, the Director-General of Railways at the Ministry of Transportation, clarified that the idea came from a Brunei-based company, which envisions a railway network stretching over 1,600 kilometers. However, it has not yet evolved into an official agreement between the nations.

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It’s worth noting that the proposal for the high-speed train project did not originate from the Malaysian government, but rather from a private enterprise in Brunei. While Malaysia previously proposed the Trans Asian Railway project, it has not made significant progress.

The company from Brunei is currently drafting plans for the Trans Borneo Railway project, intending to construct a high-speed train network connecting various regions. This project aims to cover a distance of 1,620 kilometers across three countries on the island of Borneo.

According to Brunergy Utama’s announcement, the initial phase of the project will link Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan, with Kuching, Kinabalu, and the Tutong district in Brunei. The subsequent phase will extend to the southern and eastern parts of Kalimantan, including Samarinda and Balikpapan.

The high-speed rail network will comprise four terminals and 24 stations, serving as key hubs. Trains are expected to travel at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, facilitating swift and efficient transportation.

Brunergy Utama’s statement, as reported by Nikkei Asia, also indicates plans for the railway to eventually connect with the future capital of Indonesia, the Nusantara. The estimated cost of this extensive project is approximately US$70 billion or Rp1.114 trillion.

However, according to The Malay Mail, Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke clarified that the project is still in the proposal stage and has not yet been presented to any company for implementation. A feasibility study is slated to commence, with the Ministry of Transportation estimating a duration of nine months for completion.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) also weighed in on the matter, mentioning that there has been no formal communication regarding the Brunei Darussalam high-speed train project spanning three countries. Despite this, plans from Brunei’s Brunergy Utama have been circulating for some time, indicating an ongoing pursuit of this ambitious endeavor.