Keep Going! Budget Allocation for IKN in 2024 Reaches Rp35.45 Trillion

Jokowi Envisions Nusantara Capital as Large-Scale Concert Hub and Digital Nomad Haven
Jokowi Envisions Nusantara Capital as Large-Scale Concert Hub and Digital Nomad Haven (photo: setpres)

The Indonesian government remains steadfast in its commitment to fully support the development of the Nusantara Capital City(IKN) by allocating a substantial budget for the year 2024. The allocated funds for IKN infrastructure in 2024 reach a significant sum of Rp35.45 trillion.

Basuki Hadimuljon, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), affirmed this commitment during a session with the DPR Commission V on Monday (1/4/2024), stating, “In 2024, the infrastructure support for IKN is allocated at Rp35.45 trillion. If in 2023 it was Rp24 trillion, so it’s about Rp60 trillion in total.”

The planned budget allocation for IKN 2024 will be distributed across four key sectors: water resources, road construction, construction works, and housing.

In the water resources sector, the Directorate General of Water Resources will utilize its budget for initiatives such as flood control in Das Sanggai, the completion of the Sepaku Semoi dam, and the construction of reservoirs within the Core Area of Government Center (KIPP).

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Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Road Construction, with a projected budget of approximately Rp16.67 trillion, will focus on advancing projects like the national axis road on the west and east sides, district roads within the IKN area, and various sections of the toll road, including 3a, 3b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, and 6c-1, along with the development of the IKN airport.

The Directorate General of Construction Works is set to receive an allocation of Rp11.44 trillion, which will be directed towards critical endeavors such as the construction of water treatment plants (IPA), sewerage piping networks, and waste treatment facilities, as well as the implementation of the KIPP stage 1 fire projection system and the construction of government buildings.

Basuki further elaborated that the Directorate General of Housing will receive Rp5.76 trillion for projects including the continuation of ministerial residences construction and the development of apartments for civil servants and military personnel.

Throughout 2023, a total of Rp24.97 trillion has been allocated for essential infrastructure support for IKN, including the completion of the Sepaku Semoi Dam, construction of raw water intakes from the Sepaku River, reservoirs within the KIPP area, and primary drainage systems.

Additionally, Basuki mentioned that in the Directorate General of Road Construction sector, Rp11.43 trillion has already been utilized, primarily for ongoing projects such as toll road construction within the IKN, logistics road works in KIPP, and the advancement of the national axis road on both the east and west sides.